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Especially, KPS has executed maintenance of many kinds of hydraulic generator and pumped storage power plant
systematically including Francis(Whacheon #1, 2, 3, 4/Cheongpyeong pumped storage #1, 2/Samrangjin pumped storage #1, 2/Muju pumped storage #1, 2), Kaplan(Chuncheon #1, 2/Cheongpyeong #1, 2), Propeller(Cheongpyeong #3) and Bulb(Paldang #1, 2, 3, 4).

KPS has built maintenance records efficiently such as equipment specification, work procedures and facilities history using the MAPS(Maintenance Assister for Power Stations) that is a supporting system of power plant maintenance and it covers all facilities of hydro power plant, for example dam equipment, water intake equipment, waterway equipment and electrical equipment. Also, KPS makes assurance for the operation management of power generating facilities by reflecting the analysis of trouble the years before and the result of facilities diagnosis. In particular, KPS helps to life extention of facilities by performing perfect alignment with a large alignment equipment that is developed by ourselves.

Futhermore, KPS guarantees stable availability of facilities through the prediction diagnosis maintenance system, the complete operation of planned outage maintenance, the enlargement of scientific process control, systematical education and training.

Maintenance during Commissioning Phase   It is a kind of maintenance that is performed general maintenance service in the process of construction such as installation, trial test, check of the abnormal part found in testing operation and its modification.
Routine Maintenance  
It is a kind of maintenance that is offered preventive maintenance as well as corrective maintenance during the operation or the suspension to help the normal operation of facilities.
  Preventive Maintenance
  It is a kind of active maintenance to preserve the operation condition of facilities in the range of plan and to prevent the occurrence of functional failure in advance. Always KPS checks the operation condition of facilities and makes the walk-around inspection of priority and delicate facilities. Besides, a fault found by operating 『My Machine system』 is reflected in maintenance plan and KPS optimizes maintenance items with On-Line Maintenance constantly.


Futhermore, KPS performs predictive maintenance(a kind of advanced preventive maintenance) that diagnoses the condition and capacity of facilities and predicts the defect in the facilities by factors such as vibration, noise, temperature, pressure and lubricant before the occurrence of functional failure. It has advantage in using facilities effectively by extending its operation time as well as in taking actions in advance for the prevention of grave accidents. Also, KPS trains experts for the field of a practical predictive maintenance and utilizes "On-Line Monitoring System" and "Data Collector". In addition, KPS continuously introduces advanced technologies including infrared thermal image, motor current interpretation and oil analysis method.

  Corrective Maintenance
  It is a kind of maintenance that is performed corrective maintenance promptly in the event of an accident and a trouble at operating power plants. KPS performs optimal maintenance through diagnosing the condition of facilities and analyzing maintenance records analysis. And Results are accumulated and applied to maintenance process by MAPS.
Planned Outage
  It is a kind of maintenance that prevents unexpected outage in advance by stopping the operation of facilities and conducting a disassembly, an inspection, an assembly and an efficiency test egularly. KPS reorganizes the maintenance technology to extend operation cycle of facilities and to shorten the overhaul period. In addition, KPS aims at the efficiency of maintenance by establishing tandard of maintenance procedure and stepping requirement. It also makes efforts to improve the technology by establishing supporting system and securing special equipment. Such perfectly planned outage maintenance technology of KPS is estimated to have contributed to a first rate utilization of electric facilities in the world.
-The Results of 2007
10units including Cheongpyeong pumped storage
(shortening a terms of works : 9 days)
Modification and Rehabilitation  

It is a kind of maintenance to improve the efficiency of facilities and to minimize an accident esides routine maintenance and planned outage maintenance. It is consisted of the extension of life span, the renovation and replacement of component parts, the restoration of a standstill and impossiblie operation of facilities, installation, enlargement and relocation.

- Turbine Maintenance
- Generator & Motor Maintenance
- Boiler Maintenance
- Governor Maintenance
- Vibration Analysis
- Insulation Diagnosis
- Power Electronics Maintenance
- Pump Maintenance
- Industrial Cleaning
- Non-destructive Testing
- Large Stud Bolt Diagnosis & Maintenance
- Piping & Pipe Support Maintenance
- Business Management Team, Power Plant Business Dept.

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