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product year   :1999.



power             :standby 1000  KVA

rpm                :   1500

mccb              :  3 P 4 H

made by         :    U.K                          

Sound proof   : no              Fuel Tank : 2000liter             

Controller        : Digital                    

Model No        :

배송기기간       : 호치민 1/3일하노이/캄보디아7

sales price       : USD 80,000

발전기 소재지   :Hochiminh Vietnam

A/S 기간         : 500 시간 / 3개월 중 선 도래해당 일

install            :  free

ATS              : option

sales contact  : +84 908430716


발전기운전요령 내용

Cat power generation systems are capable of satisfying the entire power needs, ranging from small to large, residential to industrial, urban to rural and simple to complex. With more than 80 years of experiences in power industry, we understand what exactly our customers' want in case of power generation systems.

At Caterpillar, we are offering an ample range of power generator products that are manufactured under modern technologies. Our complete ranges of product lines include Diesel Generators, gas generators, home generators, gas turbines and more. Our main objective is to provide the premier quality of power generation system to customers. For this, we pay attention to even minute process of design and production.

We give more consideration towards the quality and performance of power generators in order to meet the most demanding needs of customers.

We have a team of well-experienced and highly-qualified professionals, who assist you in case of any technical or non-technical issues of these power generators. We are always committed to our customers' satisfaction.


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