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2000 Developed and exported MP3 Player, Pager, ADSL Modem
2001 Developed and exported heater using wick
2002 Established IT division for item restructuring
Developed BLDC, CLDC motor for electric bike and scooter
Developed motors for electric wheel chairs
2003 Made the strategic alliance with Pakelman in Germany
Started to produce new products such as engine bike, electric bike and scooter
Started to sell in 60 depots in nation wide discount centers such as E-mart and big distributors including Electronic Land, Lotte Department Stores, and Hyundai Department Stores
Merged two companies manufacturing electric scooter and engine scooter into the company
Started Motor Division and entered electric bike, scooter and engine scooter market
2004 Released Shinil Vide (SBD-850MDK)
Released Shinil Massage Chair (For OA and Leisure)


We are manufacturing and exporting winter products such as bio ceramic heater, general heaters and fan heaters, and general household electronics including rice cookers, pressure cookers, humidifiers, Kimchi refrigerators, and washing machines, and OA products such as laminators and binder.
Recently, we developed well-being appliances such as air purifiers, water ion purifiers, ozone makers, and bidets and plans to enter motor business such as electric bikes and scooters
Additionally we are trying to develop high-tech products such as fan for ‘New House Syndrome’ using Nano techniques to create high added values to our products. In 2005, we will focus on environments, medical and well-being appleances. We will be a diversified company in the 21st century.

We introduced internal control system for transparent management. We will make constant efforts to improve profitability dramatically and respond to customers’ demands with high quality product development.













DATE Description
7-1982 UL approval of electric fans
2-1985 FCC approval of ultrasonic humidifiers
3-1985 UL approval of ultrasonic humidifiers
9-1985 UL approval of 6” electric fans
0-1998 UL approval of the Showtime Rotisserie and BBQ Ovens
0-1998 ETL approval of the Showtime Rotisserie and BBQ Ovens
2-2000 TUV approval of the Showtime Rotisserie and BBQ Ovens
4-2000 UL approval of laminators
4-2000 CE approval of laminators
6-2000 CE approval of rice warmers and rice cookers
8-2000 FCC approval of MP3 players
2-2001 ISO 9001 certificate
5-2001 JQA approval of laminators
5-2001 PSE approval of laminators
7-2001 NF approval of kerosene heaters
7-2001 CE approval of kerosene heaters
8-2001 NSF approval of rice warmers
5-2002 S mark approval of electric washing machine