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현대무빙 co.,LTD

    Generator .Forklift   Product company

A/S.Rental.Sales  Team manager  Korean/English  

 contact     Mr/ kim            +84 908430716




We trade diesel generator more than 10years, located in VietNam country, OEM of famous brands, ISO certification. Supply diesel generators from 3KVA to 700 KVA with Korea DOOSAN ENGINE , Perkins, Cummins Lister peter, Volvo, Omega... 50Hz . Product well assemble with modern technology only Korea EGCON Controller line and comply with Euro
standard and EPA standard.

and selling Fork lift  new & second hand !


Electricity in Vietnam is 220 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to Vietnam with a device that does not accept 220 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.

There are three main types of voltage converter. Resistor-network converters will usually be advertised as supporting something like 50-1600 Watts. They are light-weight and support high-wattage electrical appliances like hair dryers and irons. However, they can only be used for short periods of time and are not ideal for digital devices.

Transformers will have a much lower maximum Watt rating, usually 50 or 100. Transformers can often be used continuously and provide better electricity for low wattage appliances like battery chargers, radios, laptop computers, cameras, mp3 players and camcorders. However, they are heavy because they contain large iron rods and lots of copper wire.

Some companies sell combination converters that include both a resistor network and a transformer in the same package. This kind of converter will usually come with a switch that switches between the two modes. If you absolutely need both types of converter, then this is the type to buy.


HANOI, April 16 (Reuters) - State utility Vietnam Electricity (EVN) will be allowed to change electricity prices up to four times a year from June 1, instead of fixing prices for a year at a time as is the current practice, the government said in a statement.

The Hanoi-based group may adjust prices based on market conditions at most once every three months, the government said on its news website (, quoting a decision approved by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

Industry analysts say the country's heavily subsidised electricity prices are one of the key reasons behind a supply shortfall that leads to regular blackouts and is one of the top concerns for investors.

Vietnam raised the average electricity price by more than 15 percent at the start of March, a move that industry officials said aimed at reducing losses for EVN and making the sector more attractive for investors. [ID:nSGE71J001]

EVN will be able to move electricity prices if input costs or foreign exchange rates change, and if there are changes in the country's electricity output, the statement said.

To raise prices by up to 5 percent it will need to ask the Ministry of Industry and Trade for permission. If it wants to increase prices by more than 5 percent EVN must also submit its plan to the Finance Ministry for approval, it said.

If input costs fall 5 percent or more EVN will cut electricity prices accordingly, the statement said.

The government said it will also use an electricity price stabilisation fund if necessary to prevent any impact on the macro-economy or social welfare.