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Welcome to Daelim Enterprise!

The company, founded in October 1994, has been proudly producing top-quality automotive additives and lubricants.

As one of the leading companies, we pleasantly provide a variety of products for the appropriate automobile maintenance (oil additives for engine coating, fuel additives for engine cleaner, antifreeze concentrates, viscosity enhancers, and etc).

We also produce some specialized items, such as longer-living synthetic engine oil, which some of the largest companies seldom produce.

This chemistry-professionalized company consists of two main parts, which are distribution and manufacturing, blessed by our expert personnel.

The company, inspired by the enthusiasm for the best quality maintenance and updated cutting-edge technologies, has been exclusively using the finest products during the manufacturing process.

This is the reason why our products have always been welcomed by our faithful domestic customers for two decades!

In addition, the company was ranked as the 'promising brand among young enterprises' in 1998 according to 'The Korean Economic Daily'.

However, we are still doing our best more! The company mainly uses Lubrizol's specialty chemicals from the USA and several well-known synthetic base from the USA and UK.

Our own blending techniques bring you Protech (oil additive for engine coating), Proshot (fuel additive), and Miratec (synthetic engine oil).

Protech is perfectly designed to enhance superior lubrication on your vehicle engine in regards to domestic driving circumstances, which have lots of stops and pots, and to protect against the engine wear.

This obviously maximizes your engine's power and, even though you have an old vehicle, it reduces the exhaust fumes and allows graciously efficient eco-driving.

Miratec, an amazing synthetic engine oil, includes special additives to perform anti-oxidizing and anti-wear effects, so that it keeps your vehicle's engine always new despite frequent long-distance travels.

In addition, unlike other products that need frequent replacements, this economically-beneficial and environmentally-friendly Miratec is proud to enable long replacement cycles of 20,000 km to 30,000 km!

Thank you for visiting our website. We are always pleased to listen to our precious customers' opinions and ready to be your partner!


Myung Soo Lim

Chief Executive Officer, Daelim Enterprise


2012 The company is invited to 'Beijing International
Automotive Exhibition 2012' and 'KINTEX KOAASHOW Korea'.
2010 The company opens an exclusive branch of China and starts to
export to the Philippines.
2009 The company starts to sell products as 'JAPEC' in Japan and
also exports to China Shandong branch and Kazakhstan.
2008 The company starts '3M' OEM product lines and is introduced
by Japan Daily Newspapers.
2005 The company opens a Japan branch and starts to export.
2004 The company starts 'Hankook Tire' OEM product line and all
branches of 'Lotte Mart' and 'Homeplus'.
2002 The company is introduced by the newspapers,
'Chosun Daily' and 'Jungang Daily'. The company received the
Quality Certification approved from KIST.
2001 he company opens a Shanghai, China branch.
1999 company starts 'Kumho Tire' OEM product line.
1998 The company is introduced by Korean domestic newspapers.
1997 The company is the first to sell automobile additives at 'E-mart'.
1996 The company opens a Korean branch of 'Lubrizol'.
1994 The company is founded.