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Hansoll Textile Ltd. is a global textile company that manufactures and exports mainly knit apparel to the United States, Europe and Japan. We maintain active operations in Asia and Central America.
Established since 1992, we value ‘business integrity’ and believe that the future growth is powered by our people and therefore we invest in employee development and training. All employees care for each other like a big family.

  • Date of Establishment

    Date of Establishment

    December 16th,1992

  • CEO

    Chairman & CEO  S. J. Lee, President & CEO  K. H. Moon

  • Business

    Knit Apparel

  • Number of Employees

    960 at Headquarters & 42,000 Overseas

  • Revenue

    US$1,272 Million

CEO Message

I would like to welcome our valued shareholders and customers.

We have become an industry leading Korean Textile company by achieving continuous growth.

Established since 1992, Hansoll Textile values ‘business integrity’ and ‘people powered growth’. We have become an industry leading Korean Textile company by exporting knit apparel to the world including United States, Europe and Japan. We produce over 30 million garments per month in global manufacturing bases spanning the globe including Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia in South East Asia and Guatemala, Nicaragua in Central America. We also produce 300,000kg of textile each month at Global Dyeing. Since the establishment of Hansoll Textile, we have achieved a remarkable growth of over 200 fold during the past 20 years and continue push ourselves in marketing, design, in-house expertise, own manufacturing base, dyeing capacity expansion and print mill construction to climb up to the next level.

We are striving to become a model innovator with continuous transformation and innovation.

Hansoll Textile started preparing for the next 20 years of growth. We are being reborn as a model innovator with a wide range of innovation activities including business process reengineering and employee manual creation, people development with lifelong learning, market and customer focused reorganization.

Hansoll Vision 2020 is complete and we are working hard to achieve it.

Vision 2020 was created by Hansoll Textile and its employees who are giving their best efforts to achieve it. We promise you that everyone is working on our common goals of building $5 billion in revenue, 10% net profit and 100,000 employees by 2020 and becoming the world’s most admired apparel & textile company creating beautiful fashion and happy life.

On behalf of 40,000 employees at Hansoll Textile, I sincerely thank you for your support and interest.


As of 2017, Hansoll Textile has 7 overseas subsidiaries with 19 wholly owned factories producing 38 million garments each month through 631 production lines.

  • 7 Different Countries

    Established overseas subsidiaries in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Guatemala and Nicaragua, in addition to Korean headquarters and US location

  • 19 Owned Factories

    Operating 19 owned factories in South East Asia and Central America region

  • 625 Total Lines

    A total of 625 lines operating in our factories

  • 37,140,000 pcs/month

    Produce 37,140,000 pieces of T-shirts a month

Production Process

  • 1 Fabric / Sub-material

  • 2 Relaxing

  • 3 Cutting

  • 4 Sewing

  • 5 End-line

  • 6 Washing

  • 7 Pressing

  • 8 Finishing

  • 9 Packing

Quality Assurance

At Hansoll, preventive quality management is practiced with ‘Right First Time’ mentality and measured with key performance indicators thereby creating value to our customers in terms of speed, quality and cost.

Quality Assurance Strategy

    • Systematic Quality Assurance Approach
    • Strict Quality Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Systematic Work Place Safety Procedures
    • Publish Hansoll QA Manual
    • Preventive Quality Management with ‘Right First Time’ Mentality

Manufacturing Excellence

Our innovative system allows us to manufacture affordable, high quality garments fast.

We practice 5S based on Innovation Circle, automated system and LEAN engineering to create new time. We achieve manufacturing efficiency and speed by promoting multi-skilled and continuous system improvement. We will exceed your expectation by doing things ahead of time.

  • Digital Manufacturing

    • Automated Production System
    • Data Gathering of Individual Worker, Machine and Operation
    • Operation Optimization through Simulation
    • Minimize Cost and Operation Time by Standard Minute Value Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement

    • Efficient Operation through 5S
    • Standardization of Work Operation
    • Maximize Machine Utilization
  • Coexistence

    • Enhanced Worker Skill through Training/Evaluation Program
    • Workers’ Innovative Proposal Program
    • Trust Building between Workers, Manager and Customers

Hansoll Textile Bldg., 268, Songpa-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea