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BH Co., Ltd. is a company that produces FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board), an essential part of electronic products.

Based on its excellent product quality, BH Co., Ltd. is delivering its products to domestic major companies, exporting its products to leading IT companies overseas such as the United States, Japan, and China, and supplying its products to the world's largest smartphone manufacturers.

BH plays a pivotal role in related industries based on stable customer companies and strategic SCM composition.

Laser & drill

Processing through holes and laser via holes in base raw materials

: A process of processing through holes and laser via holes in base raw materials for the purpose of interlayer conduction

Process using CO₂/ UV Source

: A process of processing holes only for a specific layer using CO₂ / UV Source during interlayer conduction

Process of forming a circuit through the DES process

: A process of forming a circuit by corroding copper (Cu) through the DES (Development, Etching, Stripping) process

Process of irradiating UV by laminating a dry film

: A process of irradiating UV (Ultra Violet) in a positive way by laminating a dry film to FCCL.