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Fine M-Tec has become the leading IT parts company seeking the best mechanism and conversion technologies under a “client first” philosophy based on endless technology development and research in the past 30 years since 1992.For specialized IT and vehicle parts development and manufacturing, we offer quick and accurate conversion technology that meets changing market needs and are recognized for our outstanding development, QA, and production capability from prominent companies at home and abroad.The recent spin-off has enabled us to strengthen our expertise and business capabilities to make a creative brand image meeting the market trend for the thorough preparation of future businesses.


We will share the benefits with our stakeholders, clients, and employees through transparent business and best practices and do our best to expand our business area and create quality jobs by constantly exploring newly growing industries.We thank you in advance for your unchanging interest and support for us to evolve as the best company in this industry.


Foldble Metal Plate

Our unparalleled etching and composite sheet lamination capabilities have enabled us to become the sole supplier of internal hinges for foldable smartphones to an international company for their foldable OLED panels.​

  • We invested in constant research in metals (SUS HN, TA, Al, etc.) and especially, new materials (CFRP, Ti-Alloy) and localization to secure our cost competitiveness through bimodal competition.
  • The internal hinge is a metallic hinge to fold OLED panels. It is attached to the panels to reinforce and protect foldable smartphone's backlights and others.