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  KPS established Nuclear Power Technology Service Center in 1997 to achieve complete self-reliance maintenance technology through understanding, development of advanced practical technology, to advance productivity and raise competitiveness by integrated technology, human resource and equipments scattered in each business office , and for repair production of equipments whose spare parts is difficult to secure.
Due to establishment of Nuclear Power Technology Service Center, it is expected that national
technology and competitiveness of nuclear power business can be secured and not only according to foreign technology dependence can be prevented, but also import substitution effect by spare parts reproduction can be acquired, and furthermore the foundation for overseas sales of maintenance technology may be laid.
- Reactor Maintenance & Nuclear Fuel Injection
- RCP Maintenance
- S/G Primary Maintenance
- S/G Secondary Maintenance
- Valve Safety Diagnosis
- Non destructive Test
vietnam contact     Tel : 84-908430716 Mr/kim

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